UC Berkeley – Lower Sproul Redevelopment

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Project Description

Light revitalizes state-of-the-art facilities rooted in sustainable design practices.

The new renovation unveils a welcoming and bright plaza, filled with transparency and an abundance of light. The design team addressed poor seismic issues while creating approachable and functional learning areas for students, faculty, and visitors. The program included a replacement of the existing Eshleman Hall, renovations and additions to Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, the plaza decks, and minor renovations to Cesar Chavez Student Center and Anthony Hall.

Designed to take advantage of natural light, the new Eshleman Hall relies on natural ventilation and daylighting, minimizing the need for mechanical systems. Energy use, especially for lighting and computers, was a big challenge, since the intention is to encourage around-the-clock use of the complex.

Project Highlights

• Natural ventilation & daylighting
• Energy efficiency


Moore Ruble Yudell


Project Background

• 184,000 square feet
• $233 million
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