UMASS Amherst Commonwealth Honors College – Residential Complex

  • UMass Amherst Commonwealth

Project Description

A beacon of light — ignites the heart of UMass student life.

HLB Lighting Design joined forces with William Rawn Associates, in honoring high-performing students with a new, light-filled, community based residential complex. A glowing nighttime presence brings this 7-building project to life. Totaling 1,500 beds, students reside in apartment style housing consisting of a common room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and 4-6 bedrooms each or in traditional singles, doubles, or triples. Community spaces include 9 new classrooms, a 70-seat café, a 300-seat multipurpose room, and offices.

A simple, practical, yet effective palette of fixtures is used throughout the project to meet design goals, budget, maintenance needs, and sustainability requirements. Wall-mounted up and downlights provide pleasant illumination in the bedrooms and common rooms, creating a pleasing, residential glimmer when viewed from the exterior.

Project Highlights

• Designed to LEED Silver standards
• Uplight in residences creates glow effect
• Only 3 major lamp types used throughout project
• Budget-friendly design


William Rawn Associates


Project Background

• 490,477 square feet
• $150 million

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