Vancouver Convention Center

Innovative lighting solutions electrify dynamic forms — identifying an iconic beacon of light along the city’s edge.

The opportunity to participate in a project with the highest creative and sustainability aspirations is every designer’s dream come true. A comprehensive scope of work for this state-of-the-art facility included the lobbies and pre-function areas, a signature ballroom, meeting rooms, public art projects, and the exterior lighting design for the façade, plazas, surrounding walkways, and park transition.

The folding planes of a 5.5 acre “living roof” and a multitude of spatial demands inspired the team to integrate smart lighting solutions into compelling forms in a variety of scales responsive to the architectural expressions. 15-meter-high sculptural light markers with integral color changing LEDs, identify the city’s edge. As one moves in to the site, the luminaire scale steps down to 8-meter-high superstructures. Both luminaires allow ample flexibility for special events. The water’s edge brings a more contemplative scale, with simpler, more frequently spaced luminaires. The interior lobby design consisted of creating a lantern effect by washing illumination on to the ceiling and walls visible through the transparent volume. Custom glowing ballroom chandeliers express the building’s interior and exterior connectivity.

Project Highlights

• LEED Platinum Certified
• Custom fixtures


• LMN Architects
• MCM Partnership


Project Background

• 1.1 million square feet
• $804 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Lumen West Award of Excellence

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