Light takes cues from architecture details — creating a one-of-a-kind hospitality destination.

In collaboration with William Rawn Associates, Bentel & Bentel and TRO JB, HLB Lighting Design worked on the exciting new W Hotel in Boston’s lively Theatre District. The 28 story building includes over 235 guestrooms, as well as 123 residential condominiums that provide residents with the same suite of amenities and services they’ve come to expect from their W Hotel experience.

The W’s lobby includes a restaurant, bar and a lounge seating area flanked by fireplaces to help create intimate spaces. Due to the amount of glass used in the building’s construction and the changes in daylight levels throughout the course of the day, the lobby has a completely different feel from day to night.

Interactive color changing lights highlight the exterior canopies, while the interior lighting is designed to create a warm glow from within. HLB developed two complementary “modes” of lighting that vary according to the time of day: “white” for day and a subtle “red” glow for night.

Project Highlights

• Color-changing LEDs
• Dynamic layers of light


• William Rawn Associates
• Bentel & Bentel


Project Background

• 650,000 square feet
• $234 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Illumination Award of Merit

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