It’s 2018 and technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Staying ahead of the curve is what HLB strives to do in all aspects of our business. The firm is proud to announce Bruce Houck as our new Chief Technology Officer. Bruce has set the bar for years to come and the HLB family is excited for what the future will unfold!

How long have you been in the A/E/C industry?

I have been in the AEC industry since 1981. I started out as an Interior Designer, doing commercial tenant improvement work for a small office building nearby where I grew up in King of Prussia, PA. Except for a short period where I ran a construction crew doing tenant build-outs, I did Interior work until 1998 when I began working for a firm called Morris Architects in Houston, TX. I had already been doing a lot of computer-related things so I switched from ID to IT and have been doing that ever since.

What brought you in?

Actually, I was going to a Vocational Technical high school. Originally, I wanted to be in the computer program but that filled up quickly. After visiting the architectural and engineering classes, I fell in love with the models and plans that were on display. It was still my back-up choice to computer sciences but that’s what I ended up with.

What does your new role as an HLB’s Chief Technology Officer mean to you?

During my career I have come to realize that I am a change manager. I love the challenges that complex issues bring up. The issues that HLB are facing with technology are not new to me. My goal is to get from where we are at now to a completely virtual firm as soon as time and budgets allow.

Where do you see HLB’s IT heading in the future under your leadership?

I have completely embraced the virtual environment, what many people refer to as “the cloud”. This is the direction I believe the leadership and the employees want to go. As HLB grows, we may find the best talent in places where we don’t have an office and we want these remote employees, such as myself, to have a working experience on par with employees situated in an office. My motto is “access for everyone to everything from any place at any time.”

What inspires you the most about technology today?

The sheer numbers of options there are and will continue to be made available for connectivity and social interaction.

Fun fact about yourself:

I am trying to build a model railroad diorama in my “man corner” (I don’t have a man cave). I also have a 125-gallon salt water fish tank that has been both a source of joy and sorrow.

“My goal is to develop clear approaches to complex system processes such as Integrated Project Delivery, Building Information Modeling, and data analytics and increase their productivity by implementing cutting-edge technology.”

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