A Q&A with Maura Reinhart:

What made this project or experience special to you and your team?

We had the chance to work with a client that put high quality lighting design and incorporation of new lighting technology high on their priority list. This allowed us to explore new aspects of lighting, such as a fully tunable white system.

Describe an energy challenge and how was it met.

With LED, we didn’t face any energy challenges.

Describe a design challenge and how was it achieved.

With this project, we took on the added challenge of controls system design and specification. Utilizing both DMX and 0-10v control with an ETC system, we were able to achieve a fluid changing of color temperatures throughout the day to help support the athlete’s training.

Were aspects of the project culturally or historically significant?

The center was named after Marcus Mariota, who was the first Hawaiian football player to win the Heisman trophy.

What makes this college sports complex different from others?

This facility is 100% for the athletes. Careful planning went into ensuring they have everything they need at their disposal to perform at peak condition, including: physiology and medical exam facilities, motion capture technology, study and conference areas, and a large open movement area. The lighting worked to support the function of these spaces every step of the way. A large emphasis was also places on team spirit and recruitment, allowing HLB to include some special “wow” lighting moments, like the backlit duck motif ceiling at the entrance lobby.

What was your favorite aspect of involvement in the project?

Seeing the final product! It’s always satisfying and exciting to see a project come to life.

What were the project’s goals regarding lighting?

Functional, technology forward, and high aesthetic design that will support the athlete’s training.

How were these goals achieved?

Through careful coordination with both the Architect and the client. Several in person meetings were had throughout the design phase to carefully consider fixture selection and overall design.

“As a designer, the opportunity to use new lighting technology on such a large scale does not come along often. It was both a great learning experience, and very fulfilling to see it come to life and serve the needs of the athletes so well.” – Says Maura.


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