We believe in fueling growth from within by encouraging and supporting a new generation of leaders. Join us in celebrating the promotions of our esteemed colleagues.

Carrie Hawley
Promoted to Senior Principal
Spearheading the opening of Boston’s design studio in 2007 as practice leader, Carrie’s leadership has accelerated the Boston studio’s team to success, as demonstrated by her promotion from Associate Principal to Senior Principal.

HT Tina Aghassian
Promoted to Principal
As a passionate practice leader in the Los Angeles design studio, Tina has the ability to inspire clients on many unique and memorable projects. Since joining HLB in 1997, Tina has been a pivotal force in raising the bar in lighting design and architectural integration. She has been promoted from Associate Principal to Principal.

Lee Brandt
Promoted to Principal
As the New York studio leader, Lee has been instrumental in strategically leading the talent, recruitment and teamwork area of the firm. Lee joined HLB in 2000 and has steered her career in advancing the firm’s sustainable design integration practices. She has been promoted from Associate Principal to Principal.

We recognize that these individuals live and breathe our company culture and have a proven performance record to boot! They’ve hit the ground running and we are excited about what lies ahead for them. Congratulations to all spring 2014 promotions!

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