About Stephen

Hello, I’m Stephen.

I learned about lighting in the darkest of places, the theater. In my early years as a theater professional the constant void of light offered me the opportunity to build lighting environments from the ground up. I later applied what I had learned to architecture and discovered the simple beauty of daylighting and the need to understand complex control strategies.

I became a Principal at HLB very early in my career and with that opportunity came many challenges and rewards, as I quickly realized there was a void in the built environment for smart lighting design that understood the beauty, benefits, and financial implications to architecture and the people who live within it.

Collaborating with clients who share an affinity for daylight integration, analysis of energy management strategies and the overall environmental impact of a project is most rewarding as a lighting designer. When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you are constantly introduced to many new lighting technologies and methodologies, which give you great perspective on the talent needed to create, sustain, and execute light successfully, which builds a successful design practice.

MY HLB CAREER40 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED43 years of expertise



Some of my work

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