About Teal

Hello, I’m Teal.

I originally joined HLB’s San Francisco office back in 1991 and I spearheaded the opening of the Los Angeles office a few years later in 1994. I am fortunate to collaborate with master designers on a daily basis and I am honored to share my professional experiences with new designers who join our team. I reach deep for the artistic essence in every project, which I believe is the core of any design challenge. My exploration is fueled by my curiosity which helps to allow possibilities within a design come forward.

With a combination of experience in arts and engineering, I am at ease with both the ephemeral and technical challenges inherent in lighting design. I have a longtime love of dance which allows me to appreciate the importance of composition, nuance, and rhythm. My studies and interest in mathematics has helped me develop an overall appreciation for the elegance and fit of the right solution.

Urban and Master Planning projects are my passion which is fueled by my love of travel and culture. Having visited different countries in different climates, and having met new faces, has helped me to develop a deep understanding of the impact that light can bring to any experience.

MY HLB CAREER25 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED31 years of expertise

MY LIGHTING LEADERSHIP22 years leading the Los Angeles office


Some of my work

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