At HLB, we take pride in creating a firm culture that promotes innovative thinking and ongoing mentorship on all aspects of our ever-changing business. We believe in fueling growth from within by encouraging and supporting the next generation of leaders.

I am continually grateful to have found my way to HLB, working with and learning from the best in the industry. Having joined the firm right before the pandemic, this promotion is so meaningful to me; that I was able to navigate both a new team and a new world simultaneously in a successful way feels like a big accomplishment. I’m thankful for our leadership’s ongoing support and mentorship, and I’m eager to continue growing and developing as part of HLB’s dynamic and inspiring team.
– Hadar Koren-Roth, Senior Associate

I am very grateful to HLB for recognizing my growth as a lighting professional. I am excited to continue developing my skills as a designer and project manager in a company that values my contributions and provides me the opportunities to pursue professional interests within the lighting design community.
– Luis Carrasquillo-Alicea, Senior Designer

I am looking forward to the opportunities and continued growth my promotion to Senior Designer will allow me to explore, and appreciate the support and collaborative spirit of the HLB team.
– Nicholas Stuchlak, Senior Designer

I am truly honored to be part of a firm that provides mentorship to help reach my career goals and to be recognized and valued by my team.
– Jamie Medeiros, Senior Marketing Coordinator

My promotion not only means the recognition of how far I have come in terms of acquiring and applying knowledge of high-quality lighting design; it also means the opportunity to go even further with the sustained mentorship of HLB.
– Stella Murray, Designer