As the HR Manager at HLB, I have been inspired by the strong curated culture at our firm. Built on professionalism, diversity, collaboration, and transparency, the HLB community exhibits these values every day, despite how much we have grown over the years. When I joined the HLB team six years ago, we had 50 employees. Now, we have nearly doubled that! We pride ourselves on that “small company feel” even while continuing to grow, but we proudly maintain the family atmosphere we created and value so much. This is a tall task for companies, but HLB does it so eloquently as we embrace new team members.

Each one of us at HLB brings something unique and special to the firm which gets integrated into the HLB community. We come from a wide array of backgrounds, and we are spread across the globe, but that does not stop us from being united as HLB One. Even with many of us being remote team members, we strive to stay connected and make everyone feel right at home. Thanks to webcams and inter-office collaboration, which were already widely used at HLB pre-2020, proximity does not hinder us from welcoming everyone into our culture. Through transparency and firm-wide connections, we learn from each other and interact constantly, which has been paramount to how exceptional our culture has become. Our differences shine a light toward acceptance and inclusivity, which creates a nurturing environment for all.

Flexibility, work life balance, well-being, knowledge sharing, and growth are so important to us and shine through in our benefits and perks. During a time where every human on the planet has had to reevaluate their lives, we have adapted to empathize and support what our employees need to feel safe at work. We show our commitment to our employees through competitive benefits packages, flexibility in remote locations and working hours, and resources to navigate some of the more trying parts of life.  Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our global and talented staff who represent over a dozen nationalities, and our acknowledgement through honoring paid holidays such as Juneteenth. We create transparency with our weekly-review of open-book financials, which involves the entire company. As we grow in numbers, we’ve also grown in empathy. We value not only our team’s career path and contributions, but also their life outside the company, creating a holistic view that HLB is a company that truly cares, and our culture is a clear reflection of that.

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