181 Fremont Lobby

San Francisco, California
United States

181 Fremont is a pillar of the growing Transbay neighborhood; a tower designated as the second tallest building in San Francisco with a distinct cross-beam support system and triangle crown that stands out amongst the city’s skyline. The high rise is home to some of the biggest players in tech, with a public lobby that serves as both a corporate and community hub for the surrounding neighborhood.

HLB was brought in during construction to enhance the luminous environment of the ground floor lobby, 7th floor public spaces that provide access to Salesforce Park, and highlight the public art throughout. The team worked on a fast track schedule to keep up with contractors already onsite, completing fixture selection, budget approvals, and issuing layouts in less than six weeks. Elegant circular fixtures were placed above gathering areas to promote an upscale feel, while large, dramatic light boxes hover above the ground floor elevator lobby to set the mood for occupants entering the building.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • LEED Platinum Certified
    7,800 sq.ft. | 725 sq.m.
  • DES Architects + Engineers
  • Lawrence Anderson Photography, Inc.