Miami, Florida
United States

Inspired by the creativity of the Wynwood Walls and the booming art scene in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, 545wyn delivers nearly 300,000 square feet of creative Class A office and retail space. Decorative murals transform the concrete parking garage, revealed after dusk with linear up lighting, while the lobby mural installation is complemented by sleek decorative linear fixtures and track lighting for rotating art exhibits.

Curated amenities throughout the building, including a 18,000 square foot private outdoor deck and 14,000 square foot amenity floor with gym, lounge, and bar, evoke the spirit of the industrial art scene. Direct and indirect lighting solutions, paired with accent lights for artwork and an illuminated bar, provide a high-end hospitality feel. Low level nuance lighting along the terrace encourage wayfinding as accent lighting on tropical foliage creates a luxurious nighttime experience for both tenants and public events.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • LEED Silver Certified
    298,000 sq.ft. | 27,685 sq.m.
  • Gensler
  • Kendall McCaugherty