AbbVie Lighthouse

South San Francisco, California
United States

This twelve-story biotech hub provides a highly productive and pleasant environment to fuel the company’s innovation in oncology treatments and research. The building offers laboratory, research and open office spaces, as well as a conference center.

To create a contrast from the lab and research spaces, decorative lighting was carefully integrated throughout public circulation areas, lounges and breakrooms, providing a variety of collaborative work areas. Labs feature efficient recessed luminaires, maintaining uniform illumination within the space while achieving high lighting level targets without the need for localized task lighting. In offices, suspended linear direct/indirect luminaires offer a low-cost solution to illuminating these open spaces while enhancing occupant comfort.

Optimizing the building’s energy performance was a priority for the design team. The use of highly efficient luminaires resulted in lighting power density (LPD) 70% below California Title 24 2016 standards.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • Life Sciences
  • 480,000 sq.ft. | 44,600 sq.m.
  • Flad Architects