Amangiri Resort

Canyon Point, Utah
United States

Located within the canyons of Grand Circle, the largest concentration of National Parks in the U.S., the 5-Star Amangiri Resort offers stunning views of the landscape. The sandstone resort buildings blend naturally into the desert environment. The focus of the design was to keep the lighting minimal and concealed. The team developed the lighting design as part of the overall architectural concept while HLB helped to technically refine the design, in keeping with the vision of the resort.

Suite balconies and pathways received custom lantern fixtures further adding to the intimate setting. Site lighting interventions were hidden, discrete, and often massaged into the original architectural details. Guests are guided through the grounds with thoughtfully placed downlights hung from the trees. In all aspects, the lighting design takes care to never distract from the harmony of the canyon backdrop.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Hospitality
  • 25,000 sq.ft. | 2323 sq.m.
  • Studio I-10: Rick Joy
    Marwan El Sayed
    Wendel Burnette