Broad Green Pictures

Hollywood, California
United States

The home office of Broad Green Pictures can be described in many of the same terms that define a quality film — it is subtle, textured and compelling. Complete with comprehensive development support, marketing resources, and production infrastructure, this facility harbors a fully-integrated movie studio with an emphasis on communal and creative spaces.

HLB employed a minimalistic lighting approach to emphasize the industrial aesthetic of the architecture. Luminaires were integrated within various architectural conditions, including the exposed deck and metal ceilings. The design team overcame the challenge of mechanical equipment in the exposed ceiling by developing a fully coordinated lighting scheme that helps foster an intimate feel within the open office setting. As is often the case in storytelling, simplicity proves most effective in creating a dynamic and striking presentation.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • 36,500 sq.ft. | 3,391 sq.m.
  • Gensler
  • Ryan Gobuty @ Gensler