City Center Bishop Ranch

San Ramon, California
United States

City Center Bishop Ranch has been re-imagined from the typical suburban shopping center to create a retail experience unlike any other. In order to modernize the arrival procession, a majority of the parking was relocated to interior locations, while “front” and “back” entrances were introduced throughout the center to utilize multiple points of entry and promote a more efficient flow.

Light fixtures are tastefully integrated and carefully organized to align with the architectural rhythms of the retail center, balancing interior and exterior environments to create a seamless lighting experience throughout. Close collaboration with the architectural team resulted in a highly sustainable project — the largest retail center in the county to achieve LEED Platinum certification — that contributes to the modernized look of the revitalized downtown area.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Retail
  • LEED Platinum Certified
    680,000 sq.ft. | 63,174 sq.m.
    $300 M
  • BAR Architects
    Renzo Piano Building Workshop
    Burton Landscape Architecture
  • Property Reserve Inc.