Confidential Pharmaceutical Company

Bridgewater, New Jersey
United States

HLB was tasked with designing a modern new lighting intervention for the café, conference center, and atrium for the interior renovation of this pharmaceutical company headquarters. Through the integration of new lighting throughout these common gathering spaces, the lighting establishes a more modern feel while creating inviting new areas for employees to socialize.

The high ceilings proved to be a challenge for designers which was carefully resolved through the use of downlights and recessed linear fixtures to meet the light levels necessary for the conference rooms. A grand custom chandelier was introduced to the atrium space creating a signature design feature for the headquarters. The 18-by-23-foot luxury fixture is suspended from a vaulted ceiling, its many tiers supported by a wiring system to keep the overall mounting points as clean as possible.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Custom Luminaires
  • Corporate
  • 32,000 sq.ft. | 2,973 sq.m.
  • Farrington Design Group
  • Scott G. Morris, SGM Photography