Confidential Tech Office Space

San Bruno, California
United States

Located in a 1980s office park, this building shell was restored into sleek, open offices. Employees enjoy bright, open spaces where walls were replaced with colorful glass panes to separate private and public offices and allow light to pass through. Decorative lighting fixtures, such as large illuminated glass globes, are hung above lounge and café spaces along with hundreds of pendants on a grid. The large semi-private spaces resemble living rooms and feature recessed downlights in warm, wood-paneled ceilings for a welcoming touch.

Incorporating daylight was a priority for the design team but offered a challenge because of the building’s deep floor plate. HLB’s solution was to use tubular daylighting devices, or TTDs, to bring daylight to the top floor’s core. The solution proved highly successful for uniform light levels and occupancy wellbeing.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Daylighting
  • Corporate
  • 114,000 sq.ft. | 10,600 sq.m.
  • Jensen Architects