Dubai Creek Harbour

United Arab Emirates

Located on the banks of its historic namesake, Dubai Creek Harbour is an ambitious mixed-use development that sets a heightened standard of living in a city renowned for its opulence. Residents will find a taste of whatever they are looking for – serenity in nature, the verve of innovation and eclectic cultural offerings are all within immediate reach.

These disparate influences are bound together by the cohesive power of light. Bridge and boulevard lighting standards ensure a unified experience along public access areas and establish a distinct luminous signature. Lighting of the “sikkas,” or park-like passageways that connect the boulevard and the marina, becomes more human-scale and intimate, with an emphasis on highlighting landscape elements. The journey is punctuated with an array of dynamic, monumental and suspended public art sculptures, each one strategically illuminated to enhance the viewing experience of the observer.

  • Parks & Landscape
  • SWA Group
  • Alessandro Merati