Grand Candela Memorial

El Paso, Texas
United States

The Grand Candela memorial was conceived in honor of the victims and survivors of the mass shooting that took place in a Walmart parking lot in El Paso, TX. The design was inspired by the translucence of traditional luminaria or candela, architecturally expressed as a sheathed arrangement with golden-hued perforated metal columns representing the lives tragically lost on that day. Given the context, this emotionally powerful structure required an equally powerful lighting solution – one that had to be designed and implemented within a six-week timeframe.

A careful combination of narrow and wide beam distributions is placed within the gossamer, veil-like architectural material to eliminate glare, and is dimmable in response to the surrounding ambient light. Remote DMX controls were designed to create a variety of lighting scenes that respond to the passing of time, beginning with a soft level of light before sunset. As darkness sets in, individually addressed light sources come to life and randomly flicker to emulate votive candles. After midnight the votives extinguish, leaving only a soft internal light that remains through dawn.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Light Art
  • Cultural
  • SWA Group
  • Jonnu Singleton