Long Beach Civic Center

Long Beach, California
United States

The chambers house televised city council hearings; the design utilizes fixtures that don’t flicker or compete with cameras when smoothly changing light levels. Lighting layers both in front of and behind council members ensure optimal lighting levels at all times as well as optimal shaping of individuals on camera.

Applying the city council’s vision for the buildings to engage and communicate with the community, the canopy “brow” at the exterior of the buildings is uplit as a color-changing statement piece for the city. A major challenge was controlling light spill from adjacent residential towers onto the Civic Center. This required a series of mock-ups as well as custom shielding elements to ensure that the canopy was lit, but adjacent buildings were not.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Civic
  • LEED Gold Certified
    504,000 sq.ft. | 46,800 sq.m.
    $428.3 M
  • SOM
    Clark Construction
  • Benny Chan