Lundy House

Aspen, Colorado
United States

The owner of this 1972 architectural classic sought to renovate and sell the home for profit. The challenge was to preserve the Modernist home while integrating twenty-first century technology.

Invisible recessed wall sconces, limited downlighting, and hidden toekick lighting—all approved by the Historic Preservation Committee—illuminate the darkened exterior, adding a warm glow to brick and stone. The flexible living space lighting can easily be controlled via scene-set keypads integrated into the millwork keeping the brick free of control-clutter.

Simple and elegant lighting design is employed in the private bedrooms and attached baths. Downlights and LED strips are dominant and recognizable tools used to accent art, provide ambient lighting and add a touch of allure.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Private Residences
  • 9,200 sq.ft. | 855 sq.m.
  • Oppenheim Architecture
    Studio B