Museum of Tolerance

Los Angeles, California
United States

The Museum of Tolerance is a dynamic educational and cultural resource center that strives to teach and inspire a message of human rights and diversity through interactive exhibits and professional events. The spirit of this mission was examined through the use of visually stimulating luminous environments, appealing to generations that have grown up in the digital age. This renovation integrated lighting, signage, and architecture to convey verbal and visual messages that draw visitors through the exhibits.

The 300-seat Peltz Theatre is the primary event space for the museum and is at the heart of their outreach program. Here, the lighting plays a major role in creating the setting for any event type. Color changing LEDs graze the walls, while general lighting is provided by simple halogen downlights. The team collaborated to create a three-dimensional lighting effect for the walls while resolving acoustical needs for the space.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Cultural
  • 34,400 sq.ft. | 3,200 sq.m.
  • Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design
  • Illuminating Engineering Society Lumen West Award of Merit
  • Benny Chan Fotoworks