NetApp Experience Center

Sunnyvale, California
United States

The objective for the renovation of the NetApp Experience Center was to provide a 21st century space that would offer visitors and potential clients hands-on access to technology. The design of the renovated space had to have an immediate “wow” factor while being a showcase and workspace that highlights the importance of their behind-the-scenes products.

A series of geometrically configured linear fixtures used in the entry/pre-function corridor symbolize the continuity and connection NetApp has with its clients. From the pre-function corridor, visitors can find the Founders Theater, a multi-function space that accommodates large-group instruction and presentations. Playing off the linear lighting concept in the entry, all of the lighting for the room is concealed in architectural coves.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • 38,116 sq.ft. | 3,541 sq.m.
  • Studio O+A
  • Illuminating Engineering Society Award of Merit
  • Garrett Rowland