Salesforce Park

San Francisco, California
United States

Capping the rooftop of the Salesforce Transit Center, the iconic Salesforce Park serves as a central gathering place for residents of San Francisco. The 5.4-acre park features a half mile long walking path, children’s playground, retail areas, and a variety of seating areas, providing respite and activity for park patrons.

To enable the park to be active both day and night, HLB conducted careful study of illuminance levels, contrast ratios, and glare to ensure occupant comfort and safety throughout the park during evening hours.

Illuminated light columns with frosted lenses cast a soft, warm glow across walking paths and landscape. Speakers, wi-fi antennas, cameras, and fire alarm strobes were integrated into the light columns to eliminate visual clutter and prevent distraction from the landscape. The park also features a 1,200-foot interactive Bus Jet Fountain, which is triggered by buses moving through the terminal below and uplit by LED strip lights.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Parks & Landscape
  • LEED Gold
    5.4 acres | 21,850 sq.m.
    $2.26 B
  • PWP Landscape Architecture