Sky Arc Residence

Marin County, California
United States

HLB collaborated with Will Bruder Architects on this 6,900 square foot residence. Our scope of work included all interior and exterior lighting, including the unique features of a music recording studio, control room, assistance with specification of the control system, and a design studio for the artist owners, as well as an underground tunnel with artwork display that connects the residence to the studio across the street.

Floating planes of low voltage fixtures used in a linear pattern lead the eye to the residence entrance. Fluorescent strips tucked behind colored resin in conjunction with fixtures that direct light from a lower level, are a budget conscious solution that creates an inviting, warm, and unique entry area. A dimming system allows for further flexibility and, when light levels are lowered, a dramatic view of the valley below.

Throughout the interiors of the residence, jewel-like downlights guide the occupants and visitors through circulation spaces as well as help to articulate the architectural patterns in the great room. The dining area is distinguished with playful decorative pendants. In the kitchen fixtures were integrated into the overhead cabinetry for a backlighting effect.

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  • Bill Timmerman