Somerville High School

Somerville, Massachusetts
United States

While preserving the high school’s existing 1895 historic building, the new Somerville High School revolutionizes the student experience with modern learning principles. To create a cross-disciplinary learning experiences between the college prep program and 14 career and technical education programs, the lighting design creates a cohesive student experience while responding to specific programmatic requirements. The complexity of program required lighting strategies for spaces ranging from typical classrooms to hair salons to mechanical shops and more. Direct/indirect pendants provide not only essential illumination to desks, but are oriented parallel to teaching walls to provide ideal vertical illumination. Whether college prep or vocationally focused, all students travel along the same perimeter slot illuminated paths with views into both educational settings, reinforcing the integrated concept.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • K-12 Education
  • LEED Silver Certified
    386,000 sq.ft. | 35,861 sq.m.
  • SMMA
  • Illuminating Engineering Society Honorable Mention Section Award
  • Robert Benson