UCLA Mo Ostin Basketball Center

Los Angeles, California
United States

This state-of-the-art practice facility serves as both a comprehensive training center for the UCLA men's and women’s basketball teams and a tribute to the legendary alumni who made the program what it is today. Featuring two practice gyms, two cardio rooms, hydrotherapy pools, a weight room, and a film room, this two-story structure encompasses all the amenities necessary for student athletes to develop their skills, recover, and perform at a high level.

HLB worked within a tight budget to develop a lighting scheme that would achieve the necessary light levels throughout the expansive practice spaces. To meet foot candle requirements, fixtures were staggered strategically to cover maximum ground with the fewest units possible.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Sustainable Design
  • Higher Education
  • Sports & Recreation
  • LEED Platinum Certified
    35,000 sq.ft. | 3,252 sq.m.
    $24 M
  • Kevin Daly Architects
  • Illuminating Engineering Society Award of Merit
  • Eric Staudenmaier