Emerson College West Coast Micro-Campus

A futuristic and fun beacon of light — East Coast meets West Coast in the center of the entertainment industry, Sunset Boulevard.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the renowned creative arts and communications school Emerson College brings a sleek and modern university rendered with dramatic architectural lighting, glowing elements and graphic patterns that create an inspiring, theatrical, and forward-looking environment for students, faculty and staff.

The exterior scrim crafts a bold and dynamic architectural statement and was lit to reflect this undulating characteristic. It was computer modeled to determine the optimal lighting to accentuate its patterns while preventing glare. The scrim lighting is circuited in pairs and is partially dimmable for flexibility in brightness for different occasions. Curving metal surfaces of the academic building were allowed to reflect light organically, revealing itself to the viewer differently depending on viewpoint.

Project Highlights

• Flexible iconic scrim lighting
• Light woven into architecture elements
• Commissioning optimizes energy consumption
• Houses up to 270 students


Morphosis Architects


Project Background

• 120,000 square feet
• 0.8 acre site
• $85 million

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