Lighting Controls

Lighting controls play an essential role in improving people’s experiences in the built environment. A well-designed integrated controls system supports the lighting design while complementing architecture. At HLB, we balance technical functions with artistic features to deliver user-friendly control systems that provide ease of maintenance while achieving maximum efficiency.

Our Controls Team takes an interdisciplinary approach to discover solutions while unlocking opportunities for our clients.

HLB partners with clients to achieve goals based on their needs, which often include:

  • Sustainability and energy code compliance
  • Integration with custom luminaires and other products
  • Dimming and fading capabilities
  • Color-changing content
  • Motion detection or other coordination with security systems
  • Smart city systems for information gathering, feedback, maintenance and security needs
  • Wireless, digital, analogue and other technological capabilities
  • Budget considerations

No matter the goal, we place function and efficiency at the center of the lighting controls system design. From project inception through completion, HLB collaborates with clients, architects, manufacturers and other consultants to produce well-functioning control systems that benefit building users in exceptional ways and are easily maintainable.