Daylighting Design

We believe daylighting provides the form and context necessary to create impactful, longstanding architecture. Designing natural light into spaces enhances the human experience within interior environments, improving the health and comfort of building users.

Equally important is our consideration of the transition to nighttime. The magic of the blue hour, visible through fenestration, seamlessly integrates with our electric lighting design to deliver an uplifting experience.

HLB’s daylighting services address a variety of design challenges and enable creative opportunities, including:

  • Promoting physical and mental health, wellness and productivity for all users, for any time of day or season
  • Enhancing architecture and promoting holistic design
  • Mitigating glare
  • Fostering safety, security and wayfinding
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Encouraging harmony with nature

HLB encourages our clients to introduce daylighting from the outset of the design process to ensure a well-balanced, successful project, especially when designing lighting controls and daylight harvesting. Our integrated team conducts research and development, education and training, and disseminates expertise firmwide so it is readily available for each project.