Light Art

HLB’s light art services combine artistry and functionality to produce high-quality designs that fuse beauty and function. We partner with our clients to create luminous experiences that reimagine and strengthen people’s interaction with the environment. Our light art services include creating custom-designed artistic elements as part of the lighting design solution.

HLB in-house artists provide bespoke services to design pieces that harmonize with the project’s location and character. We collaborate with artists to coordinate and develop a lighting solution that appropriately highlights their work.

Permanent and Temporary Installations:

  • Lighting of sculptures and other artistic pieces in interior and exterior environments
  • Custom-designed dynamic lighting elements and objects for infrastructure (such as bridges, parks, airports and train stations)
  • Color-changing lighting installations and other dynamic lighting for interior and exterior areas
  • Custom chandeliers
  • Ceiling lighting elements
  • Lighting customized for events, holidays and special occasions

HLB’s customized design approach emphasizes the unique abilities of lighting in eliciting emotion and empowering uplifting experiences with:

  • Light and shadows: Light can be the focal point of a piece of art, or create the conditions necessary for shadows to take center stage
  • Colors: Design can incorporate a full-spectrum color palette or various color temperatures of white
  • Static or dynamic: LED technology, advanced control systems and other capabilities provide endless possibilities for movement or stillness
  • Bold or subtle: Lighting can demand attention or provide a gentle glow inviting contemplation