Digital Media

HLB’s digital media services focus on creating dynamic lighting that illuminate bridges, buildings, monuments, and other structures. A project’s environment, coupled with the client’s goals and community experiences, guides our team in selecting a thoughtfully crafted design solution ranging from bold, multicolored lighting to subdued, single-colored lighting for permanent or temporary installations.

Architectural lighting at Museum of Tolerance

We collaborate with our clients and stakeholders to provide tailored designs that highlight their vision and goals. The result is a collective lighting experience that speaks to the local character, creating a distinct sense of place based on the project’s aspirations.

HLB’s digital media services typically include one or more of the following:

  • Concept and options development: The use of renderings and animations visually showcases design possibilities, enabling our clients to select their preferred design and envision the space early on.
  • Technology design and implementation: Integration of applicable technology solutions, including lighting controls that enhance and support the digital media experience.
  • Video or animation for narrative development: Animations and videos translate the design narrative into scenes that are programmed into the lighting and building system. Our experts bring the capabilities to develop videos in-house for use in the lighting control system and as part of the final installation, or we can partner with artists or organizations.

For every digital media project, HLB coordinates with the design and construction team to deliver a delicate, customized balance of artistry that complements the surrounding environment and enhances communities.