Custom Luminaires

HLB’s tailored approach to creating custom luminaires places our client’s needs at the center of the design. From fostering brand connection to highlighting a building or an entire community, our luminaire designs connect, engage and inspire building users.

We partner with our clients to determine the right custom luminaire solution for their project—whether a one-of-a-kind statement piece established from the outset of the design process, or a response to unique architectural design outcomes that culminates throughout the course of the project.

HLB’s custom luminaire services include a variety of design and project management efforts, including:

  • Evaluating options and feasibility for fixture design, balance and placement from technical and artistic perspectives
  • Developing design concepts and layouts
  • Determining the most suitable manufacturer and pricing that will provide the best possible value for the client and project
  • Coordinating details for design and construction with the manufacturer
  • Coordinating mockups with the client, design team and manufacturer
  • Coordinating logistics for delivery and construction, to ensure a smooth process with the manufacturer, electricians, contractors and other team members
  • Providing support, advice and consulting during installation
  • Confirming the custom luminaire is functioning well and as intended following installation