Lighting innovation starts here

For over 50 years, we have pushed the boundaries of our craft to provide clients with the most comprehensive breadth of lighting design services possible. Our team works tirelessly to anticipate the needs of the marketplace, investing time and resources towards education, exploration, and passion projects that expand and diversify our collective skillsets. We are compelled by curiosity, committed to innovation, and continuously looking ahead to what’s next.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting transforms the built environment, shaping the appearance, performance, and overall experience of interior and exterior spaces alike. Through our shared passion for light and architecture, we craft inspiring and sustainable environments where people can work, live, and play.


The strategic integration of natural light within the built environment, especially during the earliest stages of a project, can offer significant savings on long term operations costs. Fenestration analysis, solar and environmental analysis, building siting, and daylight harvesting are critical strategies that drive energy efficiency and reduce spending.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is one of the foremost considerations in our design process. Many of our designers are actively involved in crafting best practice guidelines, standards, and codes that aim to reduce energy consumption around the world.

Lighting Controls

A well-designed lighting control system can elevate artistic aspirations, create energy savings, promote safety, and the simplify the user experience. Our Controls Team experts have the technical savvy and holistic perspective to ensure optimal functionality and ease of maintenance.

Custom Luminaires

A custom luminaire can be many things: a unique statement piece, a matter of necessity, or a product of inspiration. Regardless of the origin or intent, our approach to designing custom luminaires is defined by the aesthetic and pragmatic goals of our clients.

Product Development

Our approach to product development is based on research and in-depth knowledge of changing market needs, resulting in products that solve real-world problems. From pendants, to bollards, to sconces, to poles, we create products that deliver on innovation and add value to any project.

Light Art

Light art encompasses a broad range of potential applications, from dynamic custom lighting elements of monumental scale to quieter, intimate pieces designed to elicit emotion. We work closely with clients and communities to understand who they are, what drives them, and what they want to communicate through these artistic expressions.

Digital Media

Through the evolution of LEDs, digital displays have become rich interactive experiences that enhance our perception of space, architectural materials, and human interaction. Our experts work closely with clients to integrate dynamic lighting that amplifies their project vision and goals.

Lighting regulations at Rady Shell

Lighting Regulations

We are intimately familiar with the considerations and implications of designing for and within lighting regulations and are active participants in the development of lighting codes around the world, empowering our team to navigate the complex and often daunting regulatory aspects of design with an insider’s savvy.