Lighting regulations at Rady Shell

Lighting Regulations

From early assessment of lighting impacts to masterplan implementation, having a dedicated partner to shepherd a project through various regulatory processes is critical for achieving successful design outcomes. At HLB, we are intimately familiar with the many considerations and implications of lighting the built environment, including source materials, energy consumption, light pollution, and glare.  

We participate in the development of lighting codes around the world, empowering our team to navigate the complex and often daunting regulatory aspects of design with an insider’s savvy.

Our design services include early phase efforts such as existing conditions assessments and preliminary modeling that promote the highest level of design with a key underpinning of thoughtful technical considerations. We provide:

  • Technical analysis for Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Dark sky consulting
  • Code development consulting
  • Lighting ordinance development and compliance consulting
  • Lighting guidelines development
  • Expert witness services