Product Development

The HLB approach to product development is based on research and in-depth knowledge of changing market needs, resulting in products that solve real-world problems. Our proven process begins with curiosity. We determine the needs of each client, from their current mission and vision to future aspirations, and use them to develop our approach.

HLB’s product development process includes:

  • Research: We remain at the forefront of new technologies and trends through our time-tested systems we have developed to gather, assess and analyze relevant information. We continuously engage our talented team members and industry partners in conversations, applying this framework to guide our designs for products that will positively impact our clients, industry and marketplace.
  • Concept development: Developing strong concepts—including renderings, sketches and proportions—enable us to coordinate with manufacturers to enhance the feasibility of producing and selling each product. We work closely with manufacturers to develop schematic plans, responding the pertinent questions while addressing challenges.
  • Development and launch: Following concept development, we continue to develop the products alongside the manufacturers, tapping into our deep bench of talent to provide guidance on every detail – from multiple reviews of technical and optical performance, to optimization of logic flows in website and cutsheet development, to assistance with strategies for customer engagement to deliver a successful product launch.

We rigorously follow the IALD Code of Ethics, and we emphasize a high degree of global stewardship and sustainability so the products we work on support AIA 2030 goals.

For each product, we balance diverse perspectives as well as art and science. This approach results in beautiful, functional products that harmonize with their environments while improving the lives of our clients and communities.