KPMG Light Sculpture

Orlando, Florida
United States

Inspired by the KPMG company vision, HLB developed this dynamic light art piece to highlight the company’s values in a visual form. A number of suspended luminaires arranged two curving “paths” that cross each other in the center covers of the double height atrium ceiling from end to end. Various compelling color-changing shows are designed for different times of the year and specific holidays, highlighting the company’s corporate culture and making the lobby an active and welcoming gathering space for guests and visitors.

In addition to the tight project schedule, the main design challenge was developing a custom color-changing cylinder with frosted drop lens and a custom mounting plate for such a large-scale sculpture piece. To achieve this goal, HLB worked closely with a custom manufacturer and Gensler to set timelines for different stages of product development.

  • Light Art
  • Corporate
  • Gensler
    Shen Milsom & Wilke
  • Chad Baumer Photography