I. Miller Building Historic Façade Restoration

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Project Description

Once lost in the shadows of bustling Times Square — a majestic and regal landmark is illuminated once again.

Designed in 1926 by Architect Louis H. Friedland, the original façade materials included limestone, polished marble, bronze and terra cotta, each carefully crafted into mosaics and motifs of classically-inspired historic styles. Designated a National Historic Landmark in New York City, conservation of the south façade was a critical objective — this included beautifully carved golden niches that house statues of 1920’s leading actresses Ethel Barrymore, Marilyn Miller, Mary Pickford and Rosa Ponselle.

Updates to the architectural lighting design required integration into cornices and niches, in order to be hidden from view and maintain the integrity of the original architectural scheme — all while being able to compete with the neighboring brightness from Times Square. Lighting pays homage to the building’s history and creates a luminous crown by accenting the building cornice with continuous linear LED wallwashers. A combination of narrow LED grazers and CMH spotlights focus light on the restored marble and terra
cotta windows, creating a “lively” dimensional façade. By preserving these classical detail elements, the building glows bright on the prominent corner of Broadway and 46th Street.

Project Highlights

• Small scale LED luminaires seamlessly integrated
into existing architectural detail
• Balanced LED color appearance across multiple manufacturers
• Mockups to ensure successful LED integration


TPG Architecture


Project Background

Façade lighting only

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