Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon

Agile lighting controls introduce visitors to moments of eye-opening grandeur.

Recognizing a limited connection to the outdoors, the design draws a virtual connection using tunable white LED technology and coordinated networked controls to discreetly shift the color temperature within the space to follow cues taken from the ever changing sky. Starting with warm tones in the morning, color shifts throughout the facility to cooler tones in the day and cycles back to warm tones in the evening hours. All triggered automatically by an astronomical time clock removing the need for direct occupant interaction.

Fitting within an existing building and driven by an immovable construction schedule of a single summer vacation, the majority of lighting fixtures implement DMX communication protocol allowing fixtures to be quickly connected in the field and controlled individually independent of final control intent. The end result allows science and sport to converge, putting student-athlete wellness at the forefront.

Project Highlights

• Preset controls allow color changing LED lighting to emphasize branded spaces
• All general lighting within the facility utilizes tunable white LED technology


SRG Partnership


Project Background

• 30,000 square feet
• $25 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design
• Lighting Control Innovation Award
• Illumination Award of Merit
• Lumen West Award of Merit

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