U.S. Federal Courthouse Los Angeles

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Project Description

Daylight creates a crisp, geometric backdrop.

In this new state-of-the-art facility, introduction of daylighting into spaces such as courtrooms and the large central atrium challenged design norms, and required extensive interdisciplinary collaboration.

The building design optimizes natural light through the integration of a high-performance, pleated glass façade, programmatic organization and advanced technology. The Downtown Los Angeles city grid does not align with the cardinal points, but the Courthouse building is designed to allow occupants to have a sense of daylight at all times. The atrium brings daylight all the way down to the main lobby. Glass clerestories at both sides of all the courtrooms helps bring the outside in. Light shelves in the corridors distribute natural light throughout the building public areas.

HLB’s scope of work included electric lighting and daylighting design for interior and exterior spaces. Various layers of light were considered to enhance architectural materials, surfaces, and elements. HLB performed daylighting studies to optimize daylight penetration and increase sustainability for the building.

Project Highlights

LEED Platinum Certification




Project Background

• 633,000 square feet
• $318 million

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