Uber Headquarters

An experiment with contrasts, Uber becomes a dichotomous study between light and dark, refined and gritty — while bringing intrigue and function to its new corporate interior space.

HLB Lighting Design collaborated with Studio O+A on this mobile-app based transportation network’s new mid-market headquarters. The 88,000 square foot interior includes conference rooms, private/open offices, multi-purpose areas, break rooms, game room, and flexible meeting spaces. Studio O+A developed the lighting design as part of its overall architectural concept while HLB helped technically refine the design in keeping with the vision of the space. One of the major challenges was helping Studio O+A achieve their goals from a practical and systematic perspective rather than taking a creative lighting design lead.

Project Highlights

• Custom chandeliers
• Flexible lighting for various space types


Studio O+A


Project Background

• 88,000 square feet
• $12 million

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