811 Barton Springs Lobby

Austin, Texas
United States

Located along one of Austin’s rapidly transforming corridors now known for its celebration of civic pride, the renovation of this lobby reinvigorated the space, introducing a sleek contemporary design. The lighting design was developed to highlight the elegant materials and finishes featured in the lobby and was seamlessly integrated into architectural elements to further develop the ambiance. The indirectly lit double-height ceiling cove expands the central space while the textured wall-art feature behind the reception desk creates a focal point and anchors the space. Wall grazers illuminate the medium-toned wood finishes to brighten and warm the elevator lobbies. The lighting at the building entrance and parking lot also establishes a sense of safety and visibility at the pedestrian level.

Designing within a modest budget, the selected luminaires provide optical performance, while remaining easy to maintain and energy efficient.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • 24,720 sq.ft. | 2,297 sq.m.
  • Fyoog
  • Steve Hall