Brookline High School Campus Expansion

Brookline, Massachusetts
United States

Brookline High School’s campus expansion included renovations to the STEM building, Tappan building, third floor classrooms, exterior quad and a new 9th grade Cypress building. The school’s overall theme was to improve campus and experience for the growing student population. The STEM building and third floor classroom renovations feature modern lighting updates that are seamlessly integrated throughout the project. The new Cypress building utilized affordable lighting for typical classrooms and science rooms, which allowed for unique lighting highlights in the corridors and common spaces. Illuminated focal points at the entry of the building and exterior quad create an inviting and ambient glow.

The renovation of the Tappan building included the addition of a new MBTA Green Line Station that runs below the building. HLB was involved in MBTA and Town meetings to ensure safety regulations were met and assist with strict budget restraints.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • K-12 Education
  • LEED certified
    262,500 sq.ft. | 24,387 sq.m.
    $150 M
  • William Rawn Associates
  • Robert Benson