Emaar Square Luxury Residential and Retail Center


The Emaar Square Luxury Residential and Retail Center offers an engaging first-class experience that integrates local flavors, culture and architecture to serve its 25 million annual guests. A tasteful blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, including highly integrated lighting details and luminaires, support the conceptual architectural themes of each zone.

The project encompasses a wide variety of spaces including tower fa├žades, residential lobbies, amenities and gardens, a retail plaza, the below-grade mall and a parking garage. The mall features different aesthetics inspired by the seasons, and blends electric light with skylights to create a harmonious atmosphere. The Turkish Village is designed to feel like a traditional plaza with outdoor dining, but has no access to daylight, so an expansive back-lit fabric ceiling emulates the sky with additional accents to mimic direct sunlight.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Sustainable Design
  • Mixed Use
  • LEED Gold Certified
    7,700,000 sq.ft. | 715,350 sq.m.
    $2.3 B
  • Emaar Libadiye Gayrimenkul
    Gelistirme AS