Fidelity Next Generation Regional Center

Jacksonville, Florida
United States

Fidelity Investment’s prototype Next Generation Regional Center (NGRC) in Jacksonville, FL offers a versatile and vivacious environment for employees to live, work, and learn. Lighting elements play a key role in creating distinctive work spaces that allow for concentration, collaboration, and community within Fidelity’s open space plan.

HLB worked closely with Sasaki and Jump Studios to design spaces where employees can feel as comfortable at their desks as they do in one of the many conference rooms, private phone nooks, quiet rooms, café, or various breakout areas. Decorative lanterns and adjustable accent fixtures generate a warm and welcoming vibe to work areas while recessed gimbal fixtures provide flexibility and create visual sparkle.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Corporate
  • 57,000 sq.ft. | 5,300 sq.m.
  • Sasaki
  • Edward Caruso Photography