Midwest Art Project

Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

The owner of this Midwestern condominium required specialized lighting for the impressive, varied, and extensive art collection within. HLB worked with the architect and interior designer to understand the lighting needs for each subject and seamlessly integrate the solutions to help assure the full majesty of each piece was brought to light.

The art collection is a mix of traditional and modern pieces, so appropriate techniques were used depending on the subject. Subtle square aperture ceiling lights accent the oil paintings with a soft focus lens to create a blurred beam that focuses on the art while not losing the bold color of the wall. In contrast, the hallway art collection uses light from multiple directions through the glass shelving to prevent each piece from getting lost in the shadow of an obscuring opaque piece. Edge-lighting the glass shelves with a soft under-light produces a reflection to give the pieces sparkle.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Private Residences
  • Miles Architecture
    Sheri Williams