SUNY Stony Brook UNITI Cultural Center

Stony Brook, New York
United States

Establishing an important student facility on campus, the UNITI Cultural Center is dedicated to embracing cultural diversity and promoting social interaction. Inspired by the vibrancy of international festivals and cultural celebrations, the lighting design provides texture and visual interest to create a welcoming feel for students and faculty.

To define the various programmatic elements within the center, the lighting provides distinct identities for each of the collaboration zones. Decorative string lights and lantern inspired pendants are carefully integrated with the suspended woven acoustical forms that float throughout the open lounge area. Discreet cylinder pendants provide supplemental task lighting in focus booths. Each of the activity zones are woven together by a illuminated red ribbon that threads throughout the center, creating a feel of unification and representing the human thread that connects us all.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Higher Education
  • 3,965 sq.ft. | 368 sq.m.
    $1.4 M
  • DIGroupArchitecture
  • Jeff Venezia